Sports Coaching Solution

The PXLCoach solutions from Pixellot offer coaches an affordable, fully automated panoramic and tactical sports video analysis solution that produces high quality video. The PXLCoach solutions consist of two systems; one for professional sports teams which offers additional capabilities including high resolution on-the-fly clip editing as well as full live production capabilities using a joystick and/or virtual cameraman, and a compact, automated and affordable solution for amateur sports teams.


  • View game or training session live or as VoD
  • Multiple viewing screen options including mobile, laptop and tablet
  • Capture video in real time,
  • Tag important event for review
  • Easy-to-use web platform


  • Automatically receive tactical video without having to rely on a cameraman
  • User friendly mobile app
  • Easily and quickly create new sessions in real time
  • Record and tag events for sharing with team during or post game
  • View both panoramic and tactical auto production videos and create clips to share


  • Easy-to-use web platform
  • Create game and player highlight reels
  • Track player progress and individual skill development
  • Share videos both online and offline

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