Petach Tikva, Israel, July 17th, 2016 – Pixellot, a leading provider of automated sports production solutions today announced the new generation of its Lemur solutions that features advanced video analytics and multi-angle production, enabling clubs, schools, venues and media platforms to produce TV-like sportscasts without human intervention.

Automatic Highlight generation is one of the key features in the new Lemur generation. Implementing advanced algorithms, the system identifies game highlights, such as baskets scored, in real time and then, seconds after halftime starts or the game ends, compiles these game sequences, together with replays from different angles, into highlight reels. Same as with regular Lemur game video, highlight reels can be made available through web portals or mobile applications, with easy share options for fans.
Pixellot’s advanced video analytics layer is also at the base of the Lemur Auto-Director. Upon identification of breaks or idle time, the auto-director displays pre-defined banner ads. Delivering a multi-camera experience, the Auto-Director includes feeds from various angles, e.g. for replays of important game moments.

“With its Automatic Highlight generator and Auto-Director capabilities, the new Lemur generation is a quantum leap towards fully automated sports production that provides a rich, TV-like viewing experience”, Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot explains. “We’ve had very positive feedback from customers who have beta tested these new features. The Highlight Generator is particularly interesting to summarize amateur games with their sometimes slower pace, while the ability to display banner ads enables clubs to generate revenues beyond traditional sponsorship.”



The panoramic Lemur camera head

Gal Oz, CTO at Pixellot, adds: “The advanced video analytics layer that we developed for the new Lemur generation actually understands the game. While up until now, auto-tracking just followed the flow of play, the new Lemur version deploys deep-learning networks to identify and understand the different game situations. This is what enables the system to intelligently produce and direct, combining feeds from multiple cameras, inserting graphics and to create game summaries, as if a director had produced the video.”


About Pixellot

Pixellot offers automated sports production solutions that provide affordable alternatives to traditional video capture, production and distribution systems, for both professional and amateur sport events. Pixellot’s patent-pending technology solution streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a fixed rig, with additional angles as required, to cover the entire field, and offering a stitched panoramic image. Advanced algorithms enable an automatic coverage of the flow of play and automatic highlight generation. Pixellot was founded at 2013 by Dr. Miky Tamir and Gal Oz, both bringing with them extensive experience in Broadcasting and Media technologies, as well as in the sports technology industry.

Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, sports portals and coaching solution providers around the globe.

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