Petach Tikva, Israel, July 13th, 2016 – Women’s football has been doomed to a shadowy existence. While men’s football events draw huge crowds to stadiums and in front of the TV, girls kicking the ball only get a fraction of that attention. This is also true for the women’s division of Netherlands’ Major League. SportsExposure, a Dutch sports marketing agency, set out with Pixellot’s automatic video production solution to cover the season’s final match between SC Heerenveen and FC Twente to provide fans high-quality footage and “screen it in a unique way”, as they announced.

The Lemur system that was installed at SC Heerenveld’s Abe Lenstra stadium comes with a panoramic camera head that covers the entire football ground. Automatic tracking and directing mechanisms follow the flow of play and generate TV-like footage, without any human intervention. During the match, Lemur footage was narrow-casted on the stadium’s video screens and also streamed live to fans’ mobile phones in an interactive, panoramic format.
In addition, SportsExposure cut several clips that were distributed via SC Heerenvelds, their sponsor’s Unive and the “Helden” sports magazine’s Facebook pages. “These eleven clips, which we cut from the automatically produced video got tremendous exposure on social media”, says Bart Gabrials, Business Manager at SportsExposure. “Within eight hours, the highlights of this women’s soccer match reached 280,000 people, which is a truly amazing outcome.”

SCH - stadium

The Lemur installed at SC Heerenveen’s Abe Lenstra stadium

Thanks to the high-quality videos, SC Heerenveen’s page views increased by 214%. The top video was shared over 380 times and reached 50,000 people. Combined interaction on Twitter and Facebook videos totaled 17,000 likes, reactions and shared posts. “We calculated the media value of all this exposure at €40,000”, explains Gabriels. “The fact that there is eager viewership for second- and third-tier games opens up new marketing and sponsorship opportunities for these clubs and leagues.

Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot says: “The traction that this women’s soccer match got on social media proves once more that there exist large and underserved fan communities in amateur sports that are keen on getting high-quality footage. With our fully automatic production solutions, such events can be affordably covered and used by clubs to engage with their fans.”


About Pixellot

Pixellot offers automated sports production solutions that provide affordable alternatives to traditional video capture, production and distribution systems, for both professional and amateur sport events. Pixellot’s patent-pending technology solution streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a fixed rig, with additional angles as required, to cover the entire field, and offering a stitched panoramic image. Advanced algorithms enable an automatic coverage of the flow of play and automatic highlight generation. Pixellot was founded at 2013 by Dr. Miky Tamir and Gal Oz, both bringing with them extensive experience in Broadcasting and Media technologies, as well as in the sports technology industry.

Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, sports portals and coaching solution providers around the globe.

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